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Poi Ma Choy - Otres 4, Sihanoukville, Cambodia


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La-oh Park’s guides will accompany you during the Initiation Sessions in two steps (Briefing  + Training). Once you have completed the Training session successfully, you will be responsible for your own safety during the circuit.

A continuous belay system assures the safety of the visitors and eliminate the need for any transfer besides the first one to start the course and the second one to exit the course.  Once connected, the participant’s lanyard is always securely attached to a specific carabineer riding on an unique cable system.


The continuous nature of these systems prevents the possibility that the participant will become disconnected from the lifeline while on the ropes course.  As participants move from element to element, the pulley must move over or though some form of a bracket attached to the support structure (pole, tree or column).


The user must fasten the safety line at the foot of the access stairs when embarking on a course, and may only be disengaged from the lifeline on returning to the ground at the end of the course.


The top tree adventure is totally safe if you follow attentively and constantly our SAFETY RULES AND INTERNAL POLICIES.




All our equipment is supplied by BEAL the leading manufacturer of climbing & harness equipment. They are all CE approved and checked on a daily basis by our staff. Sizes range from S to L size (the weight limit is 100 kg). 

We let at the visitor disposal helmets and gloves. If the visitor decides to not wear them, any injury caused on the hands or on the head is not under La-oh Park responsibility.

The Training Session (Briefing and Practice) are compulsory before starting the adventure, they takes approximately 15-20 minutes all together:

  • During the briefing time you will be given your equipment. The guide has to check for proper fit and learn how to use the equipment. Each visitor is equipped by our care with our safety equipment and is checked before each departure on one of the circuits. Any removed equipment is controlled by one of our guide. The use of equipment other than the ones provided by La-oh Park is non-authorized.

  • During the Briefing time, the guides will give you all the explanations on the use of your equipment and how to evolve in between the trees.

  • During the Briefing time, the guides will teach all the safety rules which has to be followed during the Top Tree Adventure.

  • During the Practice time you will test on a zip wire that you have well understood all the explanations given during the Briefing time.

  • Only people that have completed the Training circuit successfully, which must be validated by one of our guide, can enjoy the Tom Circuit. It is a compulsory condition before starting the activities.

  • Any person who, at the conclusion of the explanations of the security instructions or after the training circuit, does not feel able, physically or morally, to carry out correctly the essential handlings to evolve in an autonomous way, must give up practising the top tree activities. It is the same for any person not having made a success of the circuit.




Our circuits have been constructed and operate according to European standards (EN 15567-1:2007 and EN 15567-2:2007).


We integrate the French safety standard of installation and use enounced by the “Syndicat National des Exploitants de Parcours Aventure”.


Our experienced technician team for circuits’ installation and monitoring ensure their proper maintenance on a daily basis. They also continuously watch out for the good application of the tree climbing techniques that have been developed and refined in France. Our construction methods ensure that all current specification and building standards are rigorously maintained.

Our location, beside the beach is lush with strong and healthy trees, offers unique natural settings for everyone to travel from one platform to another, from tree to tree, and challenge themselves through different games such as rope bridges, Tarzan swing, wood walkway, flying board and zip lines.

We take special care and concern to customize the park to blend in with its natural setting and minimize environmental impacts to maximize tree health and natures lifecycle. Our main goal is to promote an eco friendly and sustainable kind of tourism.





The team is formed by a group of Khmer and French individuals who love to travel and appreciate the unique landscape that Cambodia offers. Our main wish being to share the fun activities and amazing views that we can experience from the top of the trees. The operators’ training has been made by an OPAH licensed (High Ropes Adventure Course Operator). French experts have brought the know-how, materials and techniques to do this activity safely and with special care for the trees that we climb. All our staff is professionally trained by our operators and is at disposal for any queries.

Our Operators are constantly practicing on all rescue techniques on the trees to face any emergency situation. One first aider, AFPS certificate holder, is available on our site in case of need.


Safety, Our priority